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About the show

Beer and Bullshit is a weekly show featuring in-depth discussions with professionals from across the beer industry, including beer makers, brewery owners, sales reps, consultants, and more. It also occasionally features some of the funniest improvisers in Canada. 


Ben Johnson is a beer writer based in London, Ontario, Canada. 


His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, Post City, blogTO, and Torontoist and he is currently a regular contributor to the Ontario beer guide, The Growler.


He maintains the website Ben's Beer Blog and launched the Beer and Bullshit podcast in July of 2020 in a desperate attempt to stay relevant at a time when most people seem to have forgotten how to read. 

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Chris Pellarin drinks beer. He and Ben have been friends for three decades and they live a couple blocks apart.

When asked if he'd like to co-host a podcast, he said, "Sure."

Let's connect
For more information, our media kit, or details about partnership opportunities, contact Ben today. 

We look forward to chatting. 

  • Season one of the podcast featured the song "Workin' Man" by Drug Rug as our theme music. 

  • Season two featured original beats by Kevin Freer for both our theme and ad copy tunes. 

  • Season three features the song "Cigarette Butts & Dog Shit" by Deforesters

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